Life in Garden Ponds

Hello, and welcome to our Garden Pondkeeping Website. This site is purely to do with pondkeeping in a HOME and GARDEN ENVIRONMENT designed specifically for outdoor coldwater fish.

It will not cover wildlife, conservation or natural ponds.

Gardening, which has always been a popular British pastime, has now become a popular entertainment medium in the U.K. thanks to television series like Gardeners World and Ground Force.

Garden Ponds are now recognised as an important part of Gardening and in fact, Charlie Dymock is often seen constructing some form of pond/water feature in the Ground Force television programme.

Our site is specifically for the Average Gardener who wants to incorporate a fishpond into his garden layout, but is not aware of the implications involved.

It is all too easy to buy a liner from a garden centre, come home, dig a hole in the garden, without taking stock of the health requirements of the fish you are going to keep. The information contained on this website is designed to help you plan you Garden Pond so that you get it right the first time, rather than having to replace it a few years down the road.

The website will only deal with coldwater fish that can live happily in a community environment, outdoors in Southern England all year round. Whilst some fancy goldfish can be kept in a garden pond during the summer months, they are not hardy enough to be kept outdoors in the U.K. throughout the winter. Also, some speciaslist fish like Koi Carp need considerably better water conditions than would normally be found in a garden pond, so you should not buy these fish unless you have adequate pond filtration. If you are only interested in keeping Koi Carp, there are specialist organisations who have websites dedicated to keeping and exhibiting of these (usually) expensive fish. Links to some of these websites are shown elsewhere.